Survival Guide For Pets: How to make your Pet Survive in an Emergency or Disaster Situation

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We love pets as much we do with our family. However while making a plan for emergency it is an easy thing to miss out, to make the same for your pet. Pets are more vulnerable to lost during chaos of natural disaster and emergencies. Pets often get scared and run away or may be hide somewhere which prove to be unreachable. So making a emergency plan for your pet is important as much for your family.

Following are few tips to help your pet to survive an emergency or a natural disaster.

Tag your pet

Pets tend to be scared in bad weather, lightning, loud noise and moving ground.  In these situation they react based on instinct and fear. Usually they hide somewhere where they feel secure. It would be difficult to find them during emergency situations when we got to protect ourselves and our family. So it is wise to ensure that your pet is tagged. The tag should have the Name of the pet, your phone number and your home address. Microchip tags are another option, on which information is saved electronically. Pet tags are also available in florescent material so they can be seen in dark. Staying aware with your pet’s habits like the favorite place to hide is also helpful.

Take a Photo of your pet with you

Taking a picture while you are holding your pet. It will come handy when there is a need to confirm the ownership of the pet.

Make a Survival Kit for your Pet too

Pets are living ones same like us. So they need food , water and medical treatment in order to survive, and these needs become more intense in an emergency. So it is wise to prepare an emergency survival kit for your pet as well. Following is a recommended list of items that should be in a pet’s emergency survival kit.

First Aid Kit for Pets

There are pet’s first aid kits available, designed and prepared specifically for pets. These Kits include all the essential medicine and immunization vaccination. If your pet is already on medication include these medicine and all medication records as well. Keep an eye on your pet during the emergency if they are bleeding or expressing pain. In case of any injury apply the immunization or medication accordingly. After the emergency is over take a detailed overview of your pet’s body and inside mouth. If there are any sign of injury or sickness, Contact to a vet doctor.

Food and water

Keep pet’s food supply, sufficient for at least 5 days. When storing water for your family as an emergency preparation. Take some extra water for your pet according to the pet size or its normal consumption of water.

Pet Food and other Accessories

  • 2 travel food and drinking bowls
  • 1 Tin Opener to open food tins
  • Harnesses and safety leashes
  • Litter tray or poo bags depending on your pet. (Litter for cats and Poo bags) for dogs
  • Towel and blanket
  • Pieces of Newspaper and Cleaning solution
  • Pet Carries

Find pet shelters & animal rescue centers

Keep a contact list of pet shelter or animal rescue center in order to cope with any hazard during the emergency or shifting your pet in pet shelter if you are evacuating and don’t have time to take care of your pet.

Preparation is the only way to survive and help you family and pets to survive. So be prepared for emergency situations.

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Adam John | Author @ The Survival Prepping Blog

Adam is a prepping enthusiast, Adventurer and a student of International Studies. He has found his passion in read, write and live prepping. He is extremely positive person, and he does so by achieving peace of mind through prepping well for bad times.

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